Hey Monday & Wednesday

with Tuesday

18 and up
Wednesday, May 12
Doors: | 8:25am // Show: | 8:25am
Aloha Test – Case #1 RED


HELLO WORLD!  Hello World

Hey Monday is an American rock band from West Palm Beach, Florida, formed in 2008. The band is on a hiatus as of December 2011. They released their debut album Hold On Tight in 2008, which produced the singles "Homecoming" and "How You Love Me Now." The album was followed up with their 2010 EP Beneath It All, which achieved moderate commercial success, and Candles EP in 2011. Their final release, The Christmas EP, was released on December 6, 2011. Hey Monday is on hiatus and claims to not be "broken up". The lead singer Cassadee Pope is now a solo artist.
Wednesday started as a solo project by Putt to create minimal yet chaotic genre bending guitar music using tools such as effect pedals and computer. With the help from Gin the beat master behind bands like Aire and inspirative and Pik, the groovy bassist from Reggae group The sticky rice, The project developed into a band in 2017 Wednesday เป็นวงดนตรีInstrumental rock จากความคิดของพุทที่อยากทำวงที่สามารถเล่นคนเดียวได้โดยใช้อุปกรณ์เข่น effect looper และ computer มาประกอบในการแสดง ในปี2017 วงได้พัฒนาขึ้นเป็นการเล่นแบบเติมวงโดนได้ความช่วยเหลือจาก Gin สมาชิกวง Aire และ Pik จากวงthe sticky rice 🍚 โดยการเล่นยังคงอยู่บนBasic ของความเป็น minimal และเริ่มต้นจากidea ง่ายๆ จนเป็นภาพที่ใหญ่ขึ้น เหมือนการดูภาพ abstract You can find out about Wednesday's music, gigs info and other bits and bob here ~ So Far 'Wednesday' have shared stage with the following artists Adam Green (US) WYE OAK (US) Dustin Wong (US/JP) Agata MxBx (JP) Stylish Nonsense (TH) Bear Garden (TH) Saigenji (JP) Deep sea drive machine (JP) Nego (JP) 1000s of Cats (JP) Atlantis Airport (JP) Simon (hokkaido JP) Withyouathome (TH/JP) POPDUB (TH) Lowfat (JP) Aire (TH/JP) Koichi Shimizu (JP) Neuter Lover (TH) Contact for gigs/live shows [email protected] or inbox here What other said 'Naive and worldly at once, Wednesday’s music is good-natured and sweet but it’s the music made by a grown up and for the grown ups. His ‘Bangkok Session’ was released earlier this year comprising ten ambient pop songs, all instrumental, all of which are often played live, each time differently – looped guitars looping at different rhythms create infinite variations – and that is Wednesday’s main aesthetics and what we have come to love about him' Supersweetlive.com