Touting a sound described as contemporary, vulnerable and raw, Lily Rose is blasting onto

the Nashville music scene with her new single, “Villain.” After releasing on Dec. 15, “Villain”

debuted in the #1 spot on the iTunes all-genre and country charts. The singer/songwriter teased

the haunting track on TikTok and was immediately met with thousands of new fans clamoring for

the song’s full version. In less than a week since Rose leaked a clip of “Villain,” she has

quadrupled her social media following across all platforms, and has notched over 6M views, 2.8M

likes and 512K followers on TikTok.

Rose grew up in Atlanta as a self-taught drummer and guitarist but it wasn’t until high school that

she discovered her voice. As an athlete and distinguished singer, Rose had to make the decision

of which avenue to pursue. Bar sets and cover shows in her college town of Athens, GA led to

headlining and sold out shows across Athens, Atlanta, Nashville and NYC, prompting her to make

the move to Nashville in 2017.

Her musical influences range from Rascal Flatts, Keith Urban and Bruce Springsteen to Katy

Perry reflecting her innate ability to adopt “futuristic” 21st century country sound. She currently

resides in Nashville where she continues to write and record new music with a focus on melody

and hook driven songwriting style, which has proven to resonate among country, pop and rock