Parking & Shuttles


Premium Parking is available for customers who would like to park next door to the festival grounds. Daily parking passes can be purchased HERE, but please note — Premium Parking is SOLD OUT on Saturday.


Our shuttle program is back to provide you with a safe and convenient way to travel to and from the festival! Shuttle passes are FREE if you pre-register at least one week in advance of the festival. Patrons who register the week-of or on-site at a shuttle location will be charged $10/person for the round-trip fare. Parking is free at our shuttle lots. PLEASE NOTE: MASKS WILL BE REQUIRED WHILE ON SHUTTLE BUSES. 

This year, we will once again have a shuttle lot north of the venue as well as one south of the venue, so make sure you review both options to see which lot works best for you.

Universal Technical Institute (UTI)
750 Pennsylvania Drive, Exton, PA 19341.

Generally speaking, use this lot if you are coming from South of Ludwig’s Corner, Wilmington, Delaware, the West Chester Area, or Philadelphia.

Coventry Mall
351 W Schuylkill Rd, Pottstown, PA 19465

Utilize this lot if you are coming from North of Ludwig’s Corner.

You can register for your Shuttle Pass today by clicking HERE and searching for the Shuttle Pass that correlates with your selected lot and the date that you will be attending. If you are utilizing the shuttle program for more than one day during the weekend, you can return to the Shuttle Pass selection screen from your cart by clicking the “Continue Shopping” button at the top of your cart to add additional days.